Ronald "Cole" Youngblood

Thesis Title: New Steels for Saw Chain

 Abstract: The goal of this project is to develop higher strength, greater low temperature toughness, and more fatigue resistant saw chain steel by optimizing heat treatments, and new alloy concepts. This research studies the effects of modifying salt pot heat treatments to the existing alloy employed by the sponsor company Blount International, as well as new alloy concepts and corresponding heat treatments being developed for saw chain applications with the goal of increased mechanical properties over the alloy currently employed. Mechanical and microstructural properties are gathered for each alloy and heat treatment condition for the purpose of providing the sponsor company with an understanding of the effects that the alloy and heat treatment processing variables have on the saw chain material properties.

Degree Plan: Master of Science

Completion: Fall 2017
Group: Sheet & Coated Steels
Steel Center Student Since: August 2015

Bio: Cole joined the ASPPRC in August of 2015 after completing a Bachelor's of Science in Materials Science's and Engineering in May of 2015 at the University of Florida located in Gainesville, FL. His current research investigates the refinement of bainitic microstructure and alloy composition in mild steels.

Office: 181

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