Zahra Ghanbari

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Zahra Ghanbari

Thesis Title: Hot Stamping of Zinc Coated Sheet Steel

Zahra Ghanbari

Abstract: The use of press-hardened steels (PHS) allows components with high strength and low weight to be manufactured for automotive applications. Corrosion resistance of these components is also required and can be achieved by coating PHS with zinc (Zn). During the press-hardening process, cracks can develop in the coating and extend into the substrate sheet steel. It is desirable to prevent these cracks to ensure the integrity of the PHS parts. The goal of this project is to relate typical processing conditions of PHS to cracking in the Zn coating. If this correlation can be made, it may be possible to avoid these conditions and consequently mitigate cracking in both the coating and substrate.

Degree Plan: Doctorate of Philosophy

Completion: August 2016
Group: Sheet
Steel Center Student Since: August 2011

Bio: Zahra joined the steel center in August of 2011, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from New Mexico Tech.

Office: 101
Phone: (505) 400-4360

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