Blake Whitley

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Blake Whitley

Thesis Title: Thermomechanical Processing of Microalloyed Bar Steels for Induction Hardened Components

Abstract: Thermomechanical rolling of microalloyed steels has been shown to produce refined final microstructures in steel sheet and plate production. This project studies the effects of chemical composition and thermomechanical processing steps in preconditioning steel bars for subsequent induction hardening in order to improve both fracture toughness and fatigue life. Processing details are designed to investigate behaviors of microalloying additions either in solution, as fine precipitates formed in ferrite, and as coarse precipitates formed in austenite.

Degree Plan: Doctorate of Philosophy

Completion: May 2017
Group: Bar & Forging Steels
Steel Center Student Since: August 2012

Bio: Blake joined the steel center in August of 2012, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from University of Alabama.

Office: 183


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