Thesis Title: Determination of Hydrogen Embrittlement Characteristics in Next Generation TRIP Sheet Steels

Abstract: Many next generation steels that exhibit the transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) effect have excellent combinations of strength, ductility, and formability and are therefore potential candidate for use in the auto industry. However, such steels are often susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement which limits the service environments they can be applied to. This thesis focuses on determining the microstructural features that improve or limit resistance to hydrogen embrittlement in these steels. This will lead to the development of microstructures that exhibit the desired mechanical properties and significant resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

Degree Plan: Doctorate of Philosophy

Completion: August 2018
Group: Sheet
Steel Center Student Since: August 2014

Bio: Andrea joined the steel center in August of 2014, after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science from the University of Florida in 2014.

Office: 101