Nicolas Tenaglia



M.S: Mechanical Engineering – National University of Mar del Plata, School of Engineering

PhD: Materials Science – National University of Mar del Plata, School of Engineering

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Mailing Address:
George S. Ansell Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401


  • Shrinkage cavities in cast iron pieces
  • Solidification of high silicon cast steels
  • Heat treatments/structure/mechanical properties relationship of carbide-free bainitic cast steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels


My main research interest is metallurgy in ultra-high strength, high-silicon cast steels. My PhD work included analysis of solidification structure, the determination of hardenability of steels in salt pots (austemperability) by Jominy tests, and the study of various heat treatment conditions to develop ultra-high strength, carbide-free bainitic cast steels. In addition, I determined the mechanical properties (hardness, tensile, impact and fracture toughness and also wear resistance) of a large number of carbide-free bainitic cast steels with different chemical compositions, heat treatment conditions and cast part size. Finally, I sought to stablish a relationship between heat treatment, microstructure, and mechanical and wear properties.

I am currently working on two projects. The first is related to the study of mixed microalloyed precipitates evolution in austenite in alloys containing Nb, Ti, V and/or Mo. The second project aims to evaluate the effects of chemical composition and prior austenite grain size on the microstructural evolution of long structural microalloyed steels containing Mn and Nb.