Operations Summary

The success of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center is based on an active and cooperative relationship with its industrial sponsors. Operations are designed to be responsive to sponsor needs and to promote in-depth academic research of direct interest to industry.

Organizational Structure

The ASPPRC is located at the Colorado School of Mines.  It can be found in the George S. Ansell Metallurgical and Material Science Department of Hill Hall.  The Director of the Center is a member of the Metallurgical and Materials Science faculty at the school and reports directly to the head of the department.  The research itself has an emphasis in metallurgy and is performed by the professors within the department.  Interdisciplinary research is conducted with the expertise and help of other professors at the Colorado School of Mines.

Funding and Support

National Science Foundation ASPPRC Basic Agreement outlines the General Terms and Conditions for participation. Support from individual companies is highly leveraged with those from other industrial sponsors.  Colorado School of Mines provides equipment, facilities, and faculty as well as cost sharing by reduced overhead.  Extra designated research may be supported by sponsors at reduced overhead rates.

Advisory Board

The advisory board establishes policies and funding priorities.  It consists of one voting member from each sponsor organization, plus five faculty from the Colorado School of Mines.  The board meets twice annually, once in September and once in March.  The sponsor representatives are responsible for distributing any new information to their respective organizations.

Research Operation

Small groups are headed by Colorado School of Mines staff members. However participation by sponsor technical personnel is encouraged.  Research is conducted primarily on the CSM campus, but may also be conducted at sponsor facilities which have special equipment or instrumentation.  The ASPPRC has both M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs.

Steering Committees

There are three Steering Committees: BAR, PLATE and SHEET.  Membership of any Steering Committee is composed of both CSM staff and sponsor technical representatives. The purpose is to define research direction and projects.  Meetings are held, when required, at sponsor facilities or at the Colorado School of Mines.  Sponsors may have representatives participate on any or all committees.


Written progress reports are distributed to sponsors on a semi-annual basis. Semi-annual program reviews, each March and September, consist of a one-half day general technical meeting, concurrent one-day workshops in three technical programs, and one-half day industrial advisory board meeting. Multiple representatives from each sponsor are welcome; however attendance is limited to sponsor representatives. Visitors may be invited provided a confidentiality agreement is signed. Special technical reports and theses are also distributed to sponsors. Members of the ASPPRC participate in conferences and symposia. Staff and students publish in open literature. Lists and reports are available upon request. Another method of reporting to sponsors is through direct interactions by sponsor visits to CSM and ASPPRC staff and by student visits to sponsor facilities.

Patent Policy

On the date of disclosure, the sponsor of record is given a royalty-free, non-exclusive license.